Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crop Top & Colored Denim

Happy BEAUTIFUL Saturday!  I absolutely love days like this where it's not too hot and not too cold.. just the right amount of both.  I had so much fun shooting outside today so at the end of this post I will put up a few photos of me being silly :)  We took more pics today than usual so I am posting more.  I'm wearing the crop top that I featured in my most recent haul video on youtube.  I have been wanting to wear this but waited patiently until the weather was perfect.  Hope you like!

Crop Top: Forever21
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Bamboo
Bag: H&M 
Lipstick: MAC Creme Cup 

Loving the colors in this top as well as the floral pattern.  Crop tops are so much fun to wear on warmer days.  They're really cute and have some sex appeal too. If you aren't super comfortable in them you can always wear something on top.

I'm wearing jeans that are a little bit darker than the pink on my shirt.  I've worn these once before and noticed today that there is a darker spot on the left side.  So weird because it's not a stain, but I guess it just gives them character :) Also wearing my mary jane platforms again.

I'm using this tiny white bag again.  So happy that I bought this because it goes with everything.  I'm loving this white bracelet that I recently picked up from Forever21 also.  They have it in neon colors too! 

Some silly pics 

I hope that you all get to enjoy this lovely day!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Floral Friday

Yay for Friday!  The weekends are always the best :)  I'm heading out to dinner tonight and I wanted to wear something that was a little dressy but still pretty casual.  It's super windy out and I didn't get to wear what I originally wanted to, but I hope you like the photos :)

Floral Top: H&M 
Leggings: Forever21
Shoes: Bamboo 
Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt 

I wore this top once before but I had it tucked into my high low skirt.  So this time I decided to switch it up and leave it out over these leggings.  I really love this floral print and color combo.  Very springy.  I also love that it's longer in the back.  I don't like to wear short shirts with leggings. 

I went with a neutral shoe and wearing my favorite platforms.  I have gotten so much use out of these babies and I will continue to wear them!  I am hoping to get them in another color too.  So many girls ask me about them.  I bought them at Mandee but recently found them online too.  Just search for Bamboo mary jane platforms and they should pop up. 

I'm using this coral clutch and went with gold accessories.  Wearing my favorite chain necklace from H&M and my usual mix of bracelets and rings.  And of course wearing a coral lipstick as well. 

The past few days have not been that warm and I am really hoping the weather will change soon!  I have so many fun things to wear but I guess I will just have to wait it out!  Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your weekend loves! 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peplum & Polka Dots

It's hump day! :) I wanted to dress up today to make my Wednesday a little bit brighter.  I  got this top a few days ago and really fell in love with the peplum style and polka dots. The colors are actually very patriotic and this would have been a great Memorial Day outfit lol Hope you like the pics! 

Peplum Top: H&M
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21
Bag: H&M 
Sunglasses: H&M
Lipstick: MAC Russian Red 

I love the detailing on the back of this top with the zipper.  Peplum is such a great trend and this is my second peplum top.  I hope to get a couple more soon. 

I wasn't really sure what bottoms I wanted to wear at first.  I almost went with my navy blue skinnies but it was a little too much.  So I just went with these dark denim jeans to make it not too dressed up. 

To bring out the red more I went with these pumps that are actually 2 years old but I don't wear them often and I also went with a red lip.  To bring out the white a little more I used my new shoulder bag. My accessories are just this H&M cuff, Merona watch and gold bands.  Nothing too much. 
My ombre highlights have been showing so much lately!  I got these done almost 6 months ago and I've been contemplating if I should keep them or go back to black... thoughts? 

Once again I need to thank my mother for taking such great photos for me each week.  We have a lot of fun shooting outside :)  Have a great rest of the day fashionistas!

<3 Naty 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pink Love

Hey loves!! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in the past couple of days. I had a crazy/hectic weekend and the past 2 days I wasn't feeling so good, but I am better now and really excited about today's post!
I hope that you like it! :)

Blazer Jacket: H&M 
Jeans: H&M 
Shoes: Chinese Laundry 
Bag: H&M 
Lipstick: MAC Nicki 

I absolutely fell in love with this little jacket! It's such a great shade of pink for this season and a great way to stand out in your outfit. It's so girly and chic and just my style! I paired it with these light jeans that I forgot I had :)  I'm wearing the shoes that I won from Bakers and they are actually by Chinese Laundry.  How amazing are these shoes? I am obsessed!! I love the color combo and the cork heel.  They're super high but very easy to walk in. 

Every time I go to H&M lately I have been seeing these cute little shoulder bags.  They are small and perfect to fit just your phone, money and lip gloss.  I don't have anything like it so I just had to get it!  I love how it looks with this outfit. They have them in other colors too! 

I have on gold accessories as per usual, but just a few rings and these earrings from H&M.  I bought Nicki lipstick from MAC yesterday and it's my new favorite shade!  Every time I wanted to buy it they were sold out.  You should try it out ladies! 
Yesterday I curled my hair and it was nice & easy to do this big high bun today.  I think it was a great touch for this outfit. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!! xx