Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Metallic & Thigh Highs

I have been feeling a little uninspired since I got back from my trip.  I think it's mostly due to the weather over here.  It's been freezing, snowing, raining, etc.  All I've wanted to do is stay home and be in bed.  So bad.  So today I forced myself to get a little creative and try something different.  

Jacket: C/O Romwe/ Skirt: Forever21/ Top: Target/ Thigh Highs: C/O VienneMilano
Glasses: GeekGoneChic/ Tights: H&M/ Booties: Steve Madden 

I have been wanting to try thigh highs for awhile now.  It's a trend that always seems to make its way back.  However I was always hesitant because they're super sexy and I wanted to make sure I still looked classy. Vienne Milano is a luxury hosiery brand made in Italy.  Their thigh highs come with a silicone band making them super comfortable to wear.  When they reached out to me I knew it was my time to give it a try. You can obviously wear thigh highs without showing that they're thigh highs.  They're perfect to wear underneath a dress or skirt without having to show a pantyhose line.  Or you can also let them show and wear them with mini skirts/dresses and shorts which is what I have seen a lot of lately.  I actually decided to wear them over sheer black tights because I didn't want to show my skin.  

I've mentioned many times that I wear mostly gold, so I have been trying to switch it up lately by adding more silver pieces into my looks.  When I saw this silver metallic jacket on Romwe I wanted to try it out.  It's super cute and I love the zipper details.  Romwe has some really great finds! 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LA Diary

Already missing LA, especially since the weather in the NJ/NY area has been freezing! I wanted to share a bunch of different photos from my trip including scenery, food, friends, fashion & more. Some of these are from my Canon & some are my iPhone.
So this is my LA Diary in photos <3

Obsessed with palm trees and the scenery in Cali. 

Finally reunited with In & Out Burger.. AMAZE.

At the Grove, I got to be part of the audience for an interview segment with Mario Lopez & Jason Stathum on Extra. The crew members let me take a pic with the mic :)

Jason Stathum & Mario Lopez. 

With my friend Christine who I stayed with during my trip and took almost all of my pics.

Got to spend time with Melanee & do some fun LA things!

Shopping at Zara :)

My friend Alex, an amazing dancer/choreographer in LA.

Yummy tacos at the farmer's market 

Love the fountain at The Grove 

The biggest cotton candy & yummy lunch at Saddle Ranch, one of my favorite spots in West Hollywood.


Obsessed with this drink & the Katsuya roll at KATSUYA!

Victoria Gardens Entrance

A few quick shots while shopping at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga.  Loved it there!  Wearing a cardigan c/o furormoda, bag c/o oasap, & forever21 jeans. 

At the Shop Excess Baggage lookbook shoot.  I will be posting some pics from it soon!

Bad Ass Coffee... It really was Bad Ass!

Loved the mountains in Rancho Cucamongo.

Balcony view of where I stayed!

Another night time shoot I attempted but it didn't really translate all that well.  This was the best shot! Cutout button down from Forever21 & H&M peplum skirt. 

Look at all that wine lol

I finally got to meet Ash & Blake from AnythingandEverythingLA! Absolutely love them.  They're the cutest and most stylish couple.  They met me in Pasadena for a little shopping and of course a mini shoot! I felt so tiny next to them lol

Best Pic Ever! This pretty much sums up my entire trip

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I know this is not fashion related, but it does relate to who I am.  Most of you all know by now that I have been singing my whole life.  I've recorded a bunch of songs, gone to both vocal and dance classes, have a few songs on iTunes, etc.  When I started this blog it kind of took over and because I was getting more opportunities I slowly strayed away from my music.  I was at a point in my life where I felt that pursuing one of my dreams of fashion would be more beneficial for me than continuing with my music.  Whether I am still in the studio all the time or not, music and singing will always be apart of who I am.  Both music and fashion have always been my two great loves.  I've been getting really inspired again to start back up with singing so I made this video last night.  I literally learned this in the afternoon and practiced it a bunch of times.  It was a lot of fun!

Here's my Cups Cover- You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone by Lulu & The Lampshades, also covered on Pitch Perfect by Ana Kendrick.  I hope you like my version! 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

LA Nights

I thought it would be cool to do a night shoot during my stay, but it was actually a little harder than I thought to get the right lighting, especially wearing red. I am still learning how to use my Canon but I got a few good shots though thankfully :)

Skirt & Top: Forever21/ Jacket: H&M (similar)/ Bag: Aldo/ Shoes: JLO 

You know I love my peplum!  Since this skirt is at a longer length, I wanted to edge it up a bit which is why I decided to use my moto jacket.  I wore this a lot during my cali stay and if the weather in Jersey/NY was warmer I would be using it more here too.  Girly outfits with an edgy touch are one of my favorite combos as you all probably know by now.  I love the stone details on this top.  It's actually a crop top but it was long enough to tuck into this skirt.  I also wore it with my black skinny jeans and heels one of the other nights but wasn't able to get any pics. How do you feel about mixing feminine and edgy pieces together? 

I can't believe that I came home to 20 degree weather.  I was so spoiled during my trip and it's been hard adjusting these past 2 days.  I am so anxious for the spring! 
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