Tuesday, July 31, 2012

City Days

Hi my loves!  I'm in the fashion district working again and I wanted to do a post.  I'm not wearing anything new but I still wanted to share outfit photos with you.  I've worn this blazer twice before in different ways, and today I have more of a casual vibe going on. Blazers are really a staple for me. These pics were all taken from my iPhone, but pretty soon I'll be bringing my mom's Nikon here so I can do outfit posts in the city.  So excited about that, so hope you like!

Blazer: Zara
Tank: Target
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: H&M 

I decided to pair these ripped boyfriend jeans with heels and a blazer for a casual but still feminine look.  I love doing things like this, taking menswear inspired pieces and adding a girly touch.   I can't stress enough how I think that every girl should own at least one blazer.  I promise you won't regret it! 
This tank is really loose fitted but I like the laid back feel that it brings this outfit.  

Here I am checking out different fabrics in the showroom..... ;)

Hoping to do another outfit post tomorrow and then I leave for Miami on Thursday.  I will definitely be taking photos and sharing on here! 

xo Lots of Love <3 

Monday, July 30, 2012


I am so excited to share this post with all of you, especially the mothers or anyone who has a little girl in their life.  This is an upcoming children's clothing line that caters to all of the little fashionistas out there and I really think that this is something you will love.  The line ranges from graphic tops to fashion forward basics made from the world's finest Peruvian Pima cotton.
This clothing line comes with such an amazing and positive message for all of the younger girls.  For me, it brings me back to my adolescent years and all of the phases that I went through.  I had the pleasure of viewing the showroom and got a sneak peak at some of the upcoming pieces.  They made me laugh and smile as I instantly formed a connection with the brand.  I wish Glossy was around back then because it's something that I would have definitely worn. 
So without further adieu, let me introduce you to GLOSSY CHICK!

She hatched under the bright lights of Time Square in 2012 and was born a diva and fashionista in training.  She inspires young girls to always be their own chick.  As Glossy grows and embarks on her journey to self discovery, she observes different role models and goes through different phases.  All of these stages represent the rites and rituals that every girl goes through as she approaches adolescence.  She is constantly exploring different activities and expressing her moods through various outfits.  Although her likes and interests are subject to change on a whim, she never sacrifices her inner diva.  Her style differs from day to day, but underneath it all, she is still and always will be Glossy.  She is the ultimate icon to whom young girls everywhere can relate.  She teaches you that whatever it is you want to do, do it with confidence and stay true to who you are.

This line will be launching in a month, but for now check out the holding page for Glossy Chick as we prepare for her to come out of her shell.  Make sure to turn the volume up too... I am the one singing Glossy's theme song! 
 Also, make sure to enter your email address to get alerted on the launch and qualify to win a $500 SHOPPING SPREE! Yes, $500! Go and enter!

Hope you have a great day!


*This has been a sponsored post*

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Aztec Fringe Kimono

Happy Sunday dolls!  I've been so obsessed with kimonos and I keep finding these at Cotton On on their sale rack!  I got this one for $15 marked down from $30 and I also got a tie dye one too that I'll probably take to Miami with me.  This kimono is a different style than my snakeskin one (here) but I love this print, color combo and fringe. 

Kimono: Cotton On
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Target 
Necklace: Thrifted
Sunnies: Target 

Kimonos are great to have in your wardrobe, especially during the spring & summer seasons. They're the perfect little cover up and added piece.  You can even wear one over your bathing suit which is what I will probably do this weekend! I was tempted to belt this one like I did a couple months back with one of my ponchos (here) but I decided to go with more of a laid back feel.  I just put on a simple white tank underneath and I'm not too sure where it's from since I've had it for awhile. 

I decided to go with these dark denim shorts and these Target shoes I wore a few days ago.  I didn't want to wear them again so soon but they went best with this outfit.  I'm using this red bag that was gifted from PLNDR.  I've been using it so much lately and I really love it!  I'm also wearing this gold medallion necklace that I found at my local thrift shop last year.  

My other accessories are this new ring from H&M and my butterfly ring, also my Target watch which I wear almost every day.  To switch my hair up a little bit I went with a simple side braid.  This is such a great hair style especially on hotter days! The final touch is my lipstick of course, MAC Vegas Volt :) 

I hope that you all had a great weekend!  I will definitely try and get at least 1 or 2 more outfit posts in before I leave for Miami.  


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Denim & Lace

Happy Saturday!  This weather is seriously crazy lately.  Luckily I was able to take photos after the rain when everything settled down, but if the storm comes back I'll have to change today's outfit :( 
I'm leaving for Miami on Thursday and I cannot wait to get a tan! I haven't been in a bathing suit all summer so it's definitely needed.  Hope you like today's look! 

Top: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Bakers (Gifted)
Clutch: H&M 
Sunnies: Ray-Ban

I found this top and instantly fell in love with the denim & lace combo, not to mention the shoulder cut outs!  You know I am obsessed with this style.  This is similar to another top I got there with the denim and black sleeves.  This one is more summery though with the white lace.  I really love tops that look one way from the front and then when you turn around it looks completely different.  

I paired it with these white jean shorts because I decided that I wanted to stick with the white theme from the lace.  Also wearing the shoes I won from Bakers that I am happy to say are more comfortable than the first time I wore them.  They're too pretty to not be worn so I must bear a little pain every now and then.  

This clutch is from a couple of months ago and this is only the second time that I'm using it.  I wanted to throw in some extra color and this blends really well but still stands out.  I did my nails today and have on Essie Off The Shoulder and I decided to match it with a bright pink lip... MAC Nicki, one of my favorites.  My accessories are from Forever21 and H&M.  

I hope you are having a great weekend so far my LOVElies!! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Blogger Business Cards!

I am super happy that my business cards came in this morning! 

 I have learned recently how important it is as a fashion blogger to have business cards, especially if this is something that you take seriously. They are great for networking at events and you just never know who you are going to meet at any time.  I got really tired of telling people my blog link.  Most people forget and they need a physical reminder. You should always have these on you.  This blog has been able to jump start my fashion career and now that so many opportunities are starting to happen I knew I needed to get these.  This is my first batch and I made them on Uprinting.com .  I decided to go with the slim ones instead of the regular size cards. The total cost for 250 cards plus shipping came out to only $32 which was great.  You are able to customize them any way that you want so next time I will switch them up. You can also view them in a 360 degree preview before ordering.  

I actually learned a lot about making these from fellow blogger Lil Bits Of Chic so thank you so much for your post about business cards.  It helped me out so much!  I didn't know if I wanted to add a photo of myself or not since my outfits are constantly changing, so I decided to use this one because it shows a little bit of my style and also makes me look like I am deep in thought just like a blogger :)  
I added my email which is super important as well as my instagram since I have a big following.  I decided to add my Facebook link too.  Since all of my other social network sites are listed on my blog's home page I didn't include them, plus I didn't want to put too many things.  So here are my cards and I hope this post helps you out if you decide to get some made! 

The Front 

I just went with similar font to my logo and kept the color scheme.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the heart uploaded in good quality.

The back

I wanted the most important information here along with my photo.  

So what do you think? :) 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Day In Photos

My loves, how are you?!  I'm always doing outfit posts but never really do anything a little more personal so I decided to share part of my day with you in photos.  I wore this dress before (here) but just made it more work appropriate by adding a blazer, switching up accessories and this time I used a different bag. 
 I mentioned yesterday that a lot has been going on and there's some things that I really want to share but I can't just yet... but I can say I am now doing some part time/freelance work for a fashion company right in the fashion district in NYC and there's some GREAT things that I am working on...  Here's some photos of my day, all taken with my iPhone of course!  

Morning bus rides 

City Morning View 

Dress: Cotton On, Blazer & Belt: H&M, Shoes: Forever21, Bag: PLNDR 

They had me in the studio to record a little jingle for something I'll let you hear soon!  Since I've been so into fashion lately and not as much into my music, it felt really good to be back in the studio even if it was just for a little bit.  I've never worn a dress and heels to record before so that was interesting lol 

And this is what I wore to my meeting the other day.  A lot of girls ask me what they should wear to work and something like this is definitely work appropriate but still chic and stylish! I didn't wear shades the whole time of course :) And how cute does Laura look?! 

Pants & Blazer: Forever21, Top: Express, Belt: H&M, Shoes: Mandee 

I know this post wasn't my usual, but hope you liked it anyway!  I'm looking forward to some new outfits for this weekend.  Hope your day was great! 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floral Crush

Hi LOVElies!! So much has been going on that I can't wait to share with you all soon.  I had a big meeting in the city yesterday and I'll just say that there's some great things to come so definitely stay tuned :)  
I put something together very quickly today... something simple, feminine, colorful and chic! Hope you like!

Top: H&M 
Shorts: H&M 
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Asos 

The past few weeks I hadn't found anything from H&M, so I'm really happy that I got these 2 pieces.  I've been searching for a simple pair of black high waisted shorts and these fit me perfectly.  You can dress these up or down and I love the versatility as well as the material.

I found this floral print top and was really drawn to the colors as well as the black lining.  It's a great summer top and something you could probably wear to work too.  I bet it would also look nice underneath a blazer.   

At first I wanted to go with pink shoes, but decided to bring out the coral in the print instead so I went with these simple pumps.  I love the thick chunky heel.  I'm using my white & gold envelope clutch and gold accessories.  Everything is from H&M except these earrings which are from Aldo.  I got this new gold ring and I love it!  I have on MAC Full Speed lipstick for the final touch.

I hope that you all had a wonderful day