Thursday, October 31, 2013


I literally decided what I was going to be yesterday and made my costume this morning!  I always do this every year.  I'm definitely a procrastinator.  My costume was inspired by the Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon "hashtag" skit.  I thought it was hilarious and immediately thought of myself because I hashtag everything on instagram.  So I thought it would be fun to actually be an instagram hashtag lol 
Some people might think I am a really serious person, but truthfully I'm really silly and I actually make fun of myself ALL the time so I knew I had to be this.  

To make this I just bought poster board and construction paper then used fabric glue to piece it all together.  Thankfully I had white eye liner left over from last year's costume so I was able to write the word "insta" in white. I spent no more than $10! Then I just put on any white pieces I could find in my closet.  I think it's more fun to create a costume than buy one! 
Have a fun day loves :)


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pleated Stripes & Pop Of Color: Lucky FABB Day 2

I wore this outfit for the second day of Lucky FABB and it's a little more girly and fun than yesterday's post.  The vibe was much different from the first day because it was held in the Conde Nast building (same building as vogue!), so it seemed a little more restricted but still amazing nonetheless.  We got to hear from many entrepreneurs like the founders of Polyvore, Birchbox, and Warby Parker.  

Skirt: (here)Forever21/ Top: (similar) MNG by Mango
Blazer: H&M (also love)/ Shoes: (similar) Breckelles
Necklace: Prima Donna /Bag: Phillip Lim For Target

I am probably one of the most indecisive people you would ever meet when it comes to two things: food and clothes.  Sometimes I am not that bad, but when I shop I swear I am the worst and it's only progressed over time lol I found this skirt and instantly loved it but I knew that I wanted to wear it with a colored top.  I had no luck finding one for awhile so I almost returned the skirt twice.  I decided to venture off into different stores finally and that's when I got lucky. I love the brand Mango but there are no stores near me except for their collection at JC Penny's.  There is not a huge selection there but I found this top and scored it for only $11 on sale.  I wish it came in other colors because I would have gotten more!  This is the perfect top to add a pop of color.  It's sleeveless so I paired this black blazer on top which I just found at H&M.  I love the cut of it.  I've been on such a blazer kick lately and this one will be in my next outfit post as well.  I realize I go through these phases where I wear the same type of piece consistently for awhile.  

One of the speakers I loved the most was Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo.  She now has her own line and we were all obsessed with her "leather legging boots"... all one piece! 

Another highlight for me was listening to Leandra Medine from Man Repeller.  I really loved her personality and way with words.  She is really talented and of course, funny :)

I finally came up with a costume idea for Halloween and hoping that I will be able to put it together in time.  It's really silly but very perfect for me at the same time lol Hopefully I can do it and share! 


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sophisticated Chic For Lucky FABB Day 1

When figuring out my outfits for Lucky FABB, I just wanted to go with something chic and sophisticated.  This is what I wore on the first day and at the end of the post are some photos from the conference too :) 

Blazer (similar): H&M/ Pants: Cortefiel/ Shirt: Target/ Shoes (here): Forever21
Bag: Phillip Lim For Target/ Necklace: Charlotte Russe 

I've been trying to go to stores that I don't normally go to.  I think I get so used to the same "go to" places that I often forget there's a ton of other stores out there. So I ended up going to the Palisades Mall Center in NY (haven't been there in forever) and came across this new store called Cortefiel.
If you live in the area you should go and check it out because they don't have online shopping :( I fell in love with these pants because as you know I am all about a good print! They were a little more than I wanted to spend, but I knew I wouldn't be able to find these exact pants anywhere else.  They are so soft and comfortable too. I decided to keep the outfit black and white while throwing in pops of gold with these studded shoes and my accessories.

The lovely Editor In Chief of LUCKY- Eva Chen.
 I could seriously listen to her talk for hours.  Absolutely love her personality.

The gorgeous Eva Mendez came to speak about style and her new line with New York & Company.  I always liked her, but after seeing her in person and hearing her talk, I can now say that I love her.  I think it's hard to really know what someone is like when you only see them in movies or in the magazines.  A true opinion can be formed once you see first hand for yourself what they are like and she's a doll.  

The stunning Kate Bosworth also came to speak about style and her new line with TopShop.  I also loved her. I found her really inspiring and genuine.   Unfortunately I didn't get to meet her or Eva, but it was still a great experience to listen to their stories and their struggles and how they got to where they are today.

With these two lovelies Jessica & Paulina.

There were so many other incredible speakers on day 1 and as I mentioned in yesterday's post, it was a really positive and amazing experience.  

On another note, I can't even believe that Halloween is this week.  I always wait until the very last minute to figure out my costume but I might not even dress up this year.  I did a post on Fearless Fashionista for costume ideas for kids & tweens.  You can check it out here

Hope your day is amazing! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dynamite Style

Today I am going to introduce you all to a Canadian brand called Dynamite.  I'm working on something really fun with them in November that I will be announcing soon and can't wait to share all the details because it will involve you too! :) 

Dynamite's clothes are a nice blend of what I like to call sexy sophistication.  
They have great on trend pieces for both the working girl and the party girl at affordable prices.  With 295 stores worldwide and locations in 10 different countries, I really hope they open up more stores in Jersey! They are owned by Group Dynamite, the same company who also owns the store Garage, which you might be familiar with already.  Online shopping for the US will be launching very soon!  The really cool thing is that they have an outfit section on the site so that you can even shop for an entire look that they've already styled.  They also have different trend sections to make it easier to search for the pieces you want the most.

 Here are some of my favorite Dynamite looks to give you a better idea of the brand's style. 

They've really nailed the whole edgy chic mix.  I'm especially loving their collection of faux leather pieces for fall as well as their cozy sweaters.  Also trending in their stores are lots of black and white as you can see in the above images.  You can get frequent updates by following them on instagram @dynamitestyle.

Make sure to check out my previous post from today as well "A Perfect Match."
Have a great day! 

A Perfect Match

Hey loves!  I am sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I'm back on track now.  I attended Lucky FABB, the fashion and beauty blogging conference and it was a really cool experience for me.  I met so many amazing women, heard some really fascinating stories and left feeling completely inspired.  It was such a positive and empowering atmosphere which is something that is rare to find these days.  As women, it's almost a natural instinct to compare ourselves to others, look at each other as competition and try to tear each other down.  It was so great to have all of this amazing energy in one room where we all just wanted to help each other build.   I think it's really important to be surrounded by people who want to help lift you higher.  As much as I love blogging, there is still so much more that I want to do and after listening to so many incredible speakers, it's really inspired me to push forward with these dreams of mine. 

But on another note, let's get down to outfit one!  I wore this for the pre events with Jane Iredale and Paul Mitchell Wednesday night.  I wasn't able to shoot outfit photos in the city so I took these this weekend when I got back (and it was super windy!)

Dress (here): Forever21/ Jacket (here): OASAP
Shoes (similar): Charlotte Russe/ Necklace: Lipstick Rose

Completely unplanned, this dress and jacket was literally a perfect match!  I didn't even realize when I bought the dress that this was going to end up being my outfit.  But I think it worked out really well giving that chic & edgy mix that I love so much and I'm a fan of the black/taupe combo. I actually wore my hair straight that night and ended up getting it curled at the Paul Mitchell event.  It was a lot of fun!    I think the bold red lip helped to brighten up the outfit a little since I was wearing all neutral colors.  I kept the accessories pretty simple and added this statement necklace.  If you follow me on instagram then you saw a few photos I posted from that night :)

Hope you liked today's post and I'll be sharing the outfits I wore to both days of the conference.
I have another post coming later today too! 
Have an amazing day xo 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SS14 Previews With Habitual & Dana Maxx

Today I went to two previews for SS14 and I truly loved the pieces.  One of the coolest parts about blogging is being introduced to so many brands that I might not have known much about before. I really wanted to share these two brands with all of you!

Habitual draws their inspiration from New York and Los Angeles combining a bicoastal sensibility to the brand.  Every piece is made in Los Angeles and they take pride in celebrating personal style and inner confidence.  "When something is a perfect fit, it feels right and looks so good, it becomes habitual."  I really loved their soft color palette for SS14 as well as the many different styles from coated denim to prints which included floral and plaid.  There was also a pair of cropped motos with amazing quilt detailing and leather trim pockets.  There was a nice feminine & edgy mix in the collection.  I couldn't believe how soft so many of their pieces were.  They sent me home with this pair that they currently have out for fall and I was really surprised by the stretch.  They look super tiny but when I tried them on the fit was perfect.  The brand can be purchased from Nordstrom and ShopBop!

Dana Maxx is a women's dress focused collection entirely made in New York.  It is designed for chic, sophisticated, strong and edgy women.  Their pieces have a wearable work to night appeal and are sold at select stores worldwide.  Dana Maxx draws her inspiration from shape, architecture and color which I could definitely see reflected in the pieces. I fell in love with both the SS14 collection and current collection for fall. My top two words to describe it would definitely be sophisticated chic.  The spring line was really focused on different cut outs adding a sex appeal to the pieces but still remaining classy. I loved the different shades of blue and pink as well as the watercolor and neutral prints!  

This week I'll be attending both the Lucky Fabb and Simply Stylist fashion & beauty blogging conferences.  It's my first time so I'm really looking forward to meeting a ton of new people and taking in as much information as possible.  If any of you are going please let me know as I would love to meet you! I'll be staying with a friend in the city for a couple of days so I will try and post when I can this week.  Otherwise, I will definitely have new outfit posts coming next week! 

Have a lovely week <3