Thursday, May 31, 2012

Neon Aztec Skirt

Happy Thursday!  I'm so happy to be doing an outfit post today.  The past two days I have been extremely tired and run down.. I think this weekend took the life out of me!  I really like how this all came together and I hope that you do too!

Tank: Target
Denim Vest: Forever21
Skirt: H&M 
Wedges: ShoeDazzle
Clutch: Asos 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 
Lipstick: MAC Nicki 

I found this skirt and was immediately drawn to the aztec print and colors.  There's a nice mix of neon shades and I love the fit.  It's short, poofs out, and perfect for warmer weather on days like today.  I paired it with this simple white micro tank that I tucked in since the skirt is high waisted.  To bring it all together I have on this denim vest that I swear by because it really does go with almost everything!

I got these wedges last month and I've been trying to put something together for them.  I love the t-strap and coral color.  These are the only summer wedges I have so far. I just got this white envelope clutch from Asos and I love it! Really like the gold hardware.  I needed another white bag besides my little shoulder one.

I got this neon pink chain necklace from H&M.  I really like necklaces like this.  I'm also wearing my white Forever21 bracelet & gold bangles and my fortune cookie bracelet from Happy Wrist!  I got so many compliments on this and it really is the cutest thing.  You guys can still get 10% off your purchases at her Etsy store with this code ALAWF10 but it expires this weekend so make sure to take advantage!  She's got some great pieces :)

Before I end this post, I need to say that I have reached over 50k views!  Very excited about this so I will be doing another Contest Give Away very very soon.  I teamed up with someone who makes fantastic accessories and as soon as she sends me the photos of the prize, I will be posting on here with the rules.. so stayed tuned!!  Have a lovely day


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boho Chic Style

Hey loves!  I've had this outfit in my head for months now and since yesterday was extremely hot and beautiful, I decided to finally wear it!  This would be a really cute outfit to wear on vacation to LA, Miami, or anywhere tropical, but I wore it here in Jersey :) I love the whole bohemian vibe and that's what inspired me for this.

Bandeau: Islay 
Maxi Skirt: Cotton On 
Sandals & Hat: Forever21
Wallet: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: H&M 
Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt 

I was on the hunt for a high waisted maxi skirt and finally, after going to multiple stores, I spotted this one at Cotton On.  It's sheer with a little skirt slip underneath.  It comes right to my ankles which is perfect so I didn't have to wear heels.  I love my heels, but it feels so good to be in flats, especially after running around the city all weekend.

I paired it with my black bandeau, which is how I have envisioned this outfit.  I just love the way tops like these look with maxi skirts.  I got these black & gold sandals from F21 for only $7.  Such a steal and they went perfect. 

The finishing touch is this floppy hat.  I took photos with and without it to show the difference, and I feel that the hat really brought this all together.  I got this a couple of months ago and it's been sitting in my closet waiting to be worn.  I'm wearing a thrifted necklace, F21 earrings, H&M cuff and using my Michael Kors wallet.  To add a little color, I'm wearing my favorite coral lipstick. 

Have a lovely day! 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend: Little Black Dress & Floral Peplum

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!  I had such an amazing weekend in the city... lots of fun, drinks, food & good company.  I really hope that you all had a great time too!  I went to so many different bars & lounges in just 2 nights.. that's what I love so much about New York.  My lovely friend took photos of me before we went out so I am able to show you guys my outfits from Saturday & Sunday night :)  Hope that you like!

Little Black Dress

Dress: H&M
Sandals: Zara
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

I needed to reconnect with my sexy side this weekend and I found a dress at H&M that I couldn't resist. Of course when dressing on the sexier side I always make sure to keep it classy!  I am absolutely obsessed with these Zara shoes.  The last time I went there I wanted to buy them and I ended up getting that yellow blazer instead.  So when I went there a few days ago and saw that they still had them in my size I had to get them.  Got so many compliments on them too.  They can be worn with so many different things and I can't wait to wear them again!  

I smile every time I look at these shoes lol They added such a nice touch of color to this black dress.  And for my accessories, I just went simple with all black and used a black clutch as well. 

Floral Peplum 

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Fusion(Mandee)
Bag: H&M 
Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt 

I found this dress a month ago and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it.  I love peplum and I love floral.. so how perfect is this dress?  And I think it was only $15! There's so many colors going on with it too which makes it more fun to style.  I went with these mustard platforms and my little white bag.  I think my lipstick was a nice touch of coral.  This is one of my favorite ensembles so far!  

For my accessories here I just went with all gold and my favorite H&M collar necklace. 

Here's a few photos of my friend Lisa and I from last night :) 

She's tiny like me!  We are the same height :)  I also helped her with her outfit yesterday.  Love her top, it's from Forever21 and those shoes are from Zara. Great nude pumps! 

I am trying to recover from the past 2 nights but I have such a cute outfit for today... if I am able to take photos I will post later tonight!  ENJOY THIS DAY!!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Pleated Romper

Happy GORGEOUS Friday lovies!  I'll be spending my Memorial Weekend in the city with one of my friends and I will definitely try to have her take some photos of me in my outfits! I know we are going out to a lounge or rooftop so I really want to be able to post photos! I am also hoping to get some color on these white legs of mine lol Anyway, here's my outfit post and hope you like!

Romper: H&M 
Shoes: Fusion (Mandee)
Clutch: Gypsy Warrior 
Sunglasses: H&M
Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt 

I wore this romper back in November for my birthday brunch, but since it was chilly I paired it with a blazer, tights and wedges.  It's so beautiful out tonight so I decided to take this baby out of the closet again and switch up the look.  I love the material and sometimes it almost looks like a dress.

I paired it with these peep toe platforms and I'm using this snakeskin clutch again.  Absolutely obsessed with it and love the dimension that it adds.Really light on the accessories today, nothing crazy. I threw in a little bit of color with my coral lipstick.  I tried a little something different with my hair.  I made it curly and just left it to the side in a low ponytail.  

Have a fun & safe weekend everyone!! I know a lot of you are probably going away but I will try and post again on Sunday or Monday. 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cage Top

Hey dolls, I'm back again! Just when I was about to step outside it started to rain so I took photos inside today.  I had to improvise so I'm sorry for the lack of scenery, lighting and that these pics aren't as nice as my others :(  That's why I never shoot when it rains.  Since I was already dressed up I didn't want to change.  I wanted to get this post in real quick before heading out.  Looks like I have to throw on the rain boots for a few!

Cage Top: Gypsy Warrior
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Forever21
Bag: H&M
Fortune Cookie Bracelet: Happy Wrist
Lipstick: MAC Creme Cup 

I got this shirt a month or two ago and I've been patiently waiting to wear it.  I love the cutouts on the top.  It adds a really cool effect to the shirt. It's also high low.  Since it's super see through and I didn't want to show my bra, I have on a simple nude tank underneath. 

I paired it with these slim ankle jeans to make it more casual.  Love the side zippers. I've got on these floral pumps again.  Love the mix of colors.  I think it helped brighten up the outfit since the top is a neutral tone.  I'm using this white shoulder bag again too.  Just ordered a white clutch from Asos so I'm excited for it to come in! 

How CUTE is this fortune cookie bracelet?  I got this lovely gift from the girl who makes them.  I'm so happy to be adding this to my arm candy!  I love the pop of color here.  She makes other kinds of bracelets too and you guys need to check out her Etsy store!  For being my blog readers, you all get 10% off when you checkout by using the code ALAWF10.  How sweet is she for that? Here's the link: Happy Wrist By Itchelita  Also you can follow her and all the photos of her new creations on Instagram, username: happy_wrist! She's the sweetest. 

My other accessories are Target watch, Once Upon A Skirt cross bracelet, Forever21 earrings & ring, and H&M collar necklace.  Hope that you've all enjoyed your day so far.. weekend is almost here!