Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shades Of Blue

Hey loves!  So you got to see this look in yesterday's event post, but I wanted to make a separate post for it :)

Photo Cred: Nadia 

Shorts (here) & Top (here): C/O OASAP/ Shoes: Love Culture (similar)
Necklace: C/O LunaB

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over because it still feels like it just began.  I am definitely looking forward to fall fashion (my fave) but I am not ready to leave the warmth behind just yet.  Shorts are one of my favorite pieces because they literally come in every color, print and style that you can think of leaving endless styling possibilities.  I fell in love with these OASAP shorts because of the multi color floral print.  As I was looking on the site, I came across this blouse and knew that it would match perfectly because I really wanted to bring out the blue.  It's so pretty and dainty.  I was so excited when it arrived the morning of the event!  These weren't the original shoes that I was planning on pairing with this look, but because I was going to be standing around the whole time, I decided a thicker heel would be much more comfortable.  My feet thanked me later :) 
What have been some of your favorite pieces to wear this summer?

And how gorgeous is this statement necklace from LunaB?  I was a little hesitant on putting blue on blue at first but I really like the way it looks.  It definitely added a little something extra. I have some really exciting news that I will be sharing tomorrow! I've been keeping this a secret for several weeks so I cannot wait :) I also have a fab event tonight that I am looking forward to!

Lastly, make sure to check out my instagram for a very special contest! 

Have a fabulous day loves


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aero Rocks Fashion

I'm excited to announce that I am now apart of Aeropostale's VIP team!  For the past 2-3 years, they have been working on launching a whole new collection geared more towards the "fashionistas" while still remaining true to their brand.  They still have their signature basic pieces like graphic tees, hoodies, and denim, but their goal has been to offer their customers more trendy & fashionable items including a whole new shoe section (which I absolutely loved). Their customer has always been geared towards younger girls and guys, but with this new collection, they are reaching a larger demographic.

 I used to shop at Aeropostale quite often to stock up on basic items, so it's great to see the whole new direction they are going in right now with much more versatility.  Yesterday I went to their Aero Rocks Fashion shopping event, where they closed down the store for 2 hours to launch this new collection and offer their VIPS amongst others first dibs on their new items!  They had a DJ, photo booth, refreshments, and best of all: SALES!  

Love their boyfriend jeans and got myself a pair.  Those cross body bags were awesome too.

I really liked their edgier pieces like this quilted moto jacket.  It also comes in teal!

In November 2012, they acquired online women's fashion footwear and apparel retailer  I'm loving their combat boots, a must have for fall. The cream boots were my fave!

I went with one of my blogger babes, Nadia.  Afterwards, we saw Justin Bieber at the mall lol Random but true!

Live Love Dream is their new active, dorm and yoga brand that just launched this month.  I love what it represents and the logo is super cute too.

Totally got photo bombed by the DJ but I loved their camo jacket!  

One of my favorite pieces from the new collection that I took home with me!

Lots of knits and printed scarves for fall.

The new window display they revealed at the event.

I ended up meeting one of my followers who is also a VIP for Aero :) Great meeting you Nina! 

Hope you liked their new pieces!  Stay tuned for some collabs where I'll be showcasing a few of their new arrivals :) Have a great day and my outfit details from this event are coming tomorrow! 


Monday, July 29, 2013


Happy Monday loves!  Do you remember the "Adventure With Me" tee I wore a couple of times?  Well now Furor Moda has come out with another limited edition tee, "I Like You."  They gave one to me and a couple of other bloggers with a little challenge: style it from day to night.  Since graphic tees are super versatile, I was more than happy to accept the challenge!  

Shirt: C/O Furor Moda/ Jeans(old): Love Culture (similar)/ Shoes: C/O Charlotte Russe (similar)
Bag: H&M/ Baseball Cap(old): N/A (denim version)/ Watch: Michael Kors

My goal with this look was to go with a little bit of a tomboy style but still add some femininity to it as well.  I am usually dressed really girly so it's fun to switch things up.  I've always been found of menswear inspired pieces.  I've worn a lot of graphic tees before so I was trying to figure out a way to make this outfit different from the rest.  To make it more sporty, I added this baseball style cap that I honestly have had since college and I cannot remember where I got it.  I thought it was a really cute addition to my look.  I haven't worn it in years and I am so happy that I held on to it.  I've worn these jeans several times on the blog before and I've also had them for a long time. These were my first pair of boyfriends jeans ever. These shoes were a great addition as well because of the thicker heel, making them perfect for a daytime outing.

I think what I like most about this outfit is that it's super relaxed and comfortable.  However you decide to style this tee, one thing's for sure, this will definitely be a conversation starter with the fellas! haha
Stay tuned for later on this week when I will be posting my night time look with the same tee.
I have a really fun event to attend today and can't wait to share it with you tomorrow! 

Check out how one of my blogger loves, Ashley, styled her day look with the same tee :)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 
January 2013

 I was sorting through all of the photos on my macbook and came across this one that I took during my LA trip in the beginning of the year.  It still takes my breath away.  The scenery in California is so beautiful and inspiring that it's hard not to be moved.  

For as long as I can remember, one of my dreams has always been to relocate to LA.  My Cali obsession started back in grammar school when I formed a huge celebrity crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas (HA!) I remember my father telling me that one day he would take me there, but unfortunately I never had the opportunity to experience LA with him.  Well time passed and as I got older that crush faded and my reasons for wanting to live there changed.  I went there for the first time with my sister in April 2010 and I fell completely in love with everything.  I came home and told my parents that even though I hated my job, I wanted them to transfer me out there so I could finally make my dream come true.  I honestly put no thought behind it.  I had no real plan.  I just wanted to take that leap of faith and my parents of course, were not too happy with the idea.  I remember my father getting a little upset with me.  "What if something happens to you out there?  How can I help you from all the way over here?"  That was always his way... he always wanted to be able to help, protect, and take care of me.  After arguing with him for awhile, he finally caved and said that I had his support.  That meant so much to me.

I talked to my job at the time to find out the necessary steps I needed to take in order to relocate.  I was trying to get everything figured out.  A few weeks went by and my father got sick.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and suddenly my entire world stopped.  I remember him saying "I'm sorry I ruined your plans.  You can still go to LA if you want to. I will be fine."  I couldn't believe that in his fragile state, he still wanted to put my dreams first.  I told him I was never going to leave his side and I didn't.  Till the very end, till his last breath, I was right there. 

 It made me realize how important the timing is in our lives and that we don't always get what we want at the exact moment we want it.  I can't even imagine what would have happened if I had moved out to LA and then found out about my father's diagnosis. I would have never forgiven myself. It's so crazy how he was worried that he wouldn't have been able to take care of me if I moved, because the reality was that I would have not been able to take care of him.  I thank God that I was right here in Jersey every single day during those last few months of his life. 

A year after he passed, I went back to LA and tried to make the move once more.  I was really inspired to go after my dreams more than ever and I was still trying to find my way back in life.  This time I had actually found a place to live and I had a plan.  But once again, life had something else in store for me and I realized it still was not the right time.  I've tried to revisit the thought a few other times in the past year and something always happens to keep me here.  An amazing opportunity will present itself and it will require me to be in the NJ/NYC area.  Some of the opportunities have come to life while others fell through and it's left me wondering Will I ever capture this dream?  I know in my heart it is still not the right time for me. 

I just wanted to share this story with all of you because unexpected things, whether good or bad, happen in our lives and we are not always prepared for them. We can plan everything out to happen a certain way but something might occur to change it all completely.  We might have goals and dreams that are taking a little longer than expected to reach, but don't lose faith and don't give up.   I've learned that we aren't always given what we want but we are always given what we need. And just because something might not happen today, it doesn't mean that it's never going to happen.
 The past 3 years of my life (since my father passed) I have witnessed too many "coincidences" in terms of timing.  I've learned to have patience, understanding, and acceptance.  I know that whatever is meant for me in this life is going to happen when it's supposed to.  I think I still have some unfinished business here in Jersey and maybe that's why something always comes in the way.  

Let everything that happens in your life be a lesson.  Try to understand it, accept it and move forward.  Try not to be discouraged and don't spend too much time dwelling on all of the things you wanted but didn't get.  Timing truly is everything.

If you took time to read this all, thank you! I hope it inspired you <3

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Casual Friday

Happy Friday! I wore this outfit on Wednesday to a casual coffee meeting and wasn't intending on taking pics for the blog.  I posted a selfie on instagram and got some questions on the pieces I was wearing so I decided to post it on here.  My sister actually took these pics since my mom was still away.  Not tooooo bad Jess! lol :)

Photo Cred: My Sister 

Cardigan: Forever21 (also love)/ Shirt, Bag, Sunnies: H&M/ Shorts: C/O Choies
Shoes: Love Culture (shop here)

 I wore something very similar when I went to Chicago a few months ago.  Instead of the shorts I had on white jeans and instead of the white bag I used a mint one.  It's crazy how changing one single item can completely change your entire look.  I love the oversized cardi with these shorts so much more because it has more of a laid back vibe and boho feel.  It's surprisingly been much cooler here the last two days after we had that heat wave last week, so this cardi was the perfect layering piece.   It's also a nice transitional item to have when going into fall and it's great when wearing short shorts because it will keep you covered in the back!  I went with these shoes because of the thick heel, so they're comfortable during the day and not too dressy.  And of course, I used a basic white tee as I have done numerous times.  Definitely a must have!

I've been working on so many different things and next week I will be sharing some fun and exciting news so stay tuned!
Have a lovely weekend

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