Sunday, October 28, 2012


Happy Sunday my beautiful readers! 
I still don't know how I pulled it off, but I came up with my Halloween costume Friday morning, spent the entire day making it and was able to wear it out last night.  I honestly didn't think that I was going to celebrate Halloween this year, but I am so happy that I did because my Black Swan costume was a hit!  I was always a procrastinator in college and it was that last minute pressure that always brought out my creativity to the extreme.  I guess that is what happened for me this weekend! 


I already had a tutu skirt from H&M but it wasn't big enough, so I bought tulle and spent a few hours sewing layers on top of layers all around the skirt.  I had a bustier top from Target, so I just needed to glue on the rhinestones and feathers. Both pieces together made it look like one!  I googled images from the movie and tried my best to recreate the look.
 After watching a few different tutorials on youtube, I finally mastered the makeup.  I didn't want to make my face too white, so I mixed in the white with my foundation and it was perfect.  I used black eye liner, black and white eye shadow and a sparkle liner for my eyes to create that dark feather like look. On my lips I mixed MAC Rebel & Russian Red.  I also did a little bit of contouring on my cheeks.  The final touches were creating a feather like illusion on my hands and of course the bun and crown!   

The best part was that I got to wear flats all night! I had a great time with my loves and got a lot of compliments :)
 I always prefer to make my costumes instead of buying them.  It's less expensive and even though it can be very time consuming, it really allows you to show off your creativity!  And even if someone is the same thing as you, your costume will still be unique! 

How did I do?!  Did any of you dress up yet or are you going to? 
I would love to see! 


*This post is a submission for the IFB project*

Friday, October 26, 2012

Naty Grams

Happy Friday lovies!  
I haven't done an instagram recap in awhile, and since my photographer (mom) is out of town this weekend, I figured this would be the best time to do it!

A lot of times I post photos on instagram that I don't get to put on here so I picked 9 of the most recent to share with you all :) 

Before fashion, there was music.  Some of you know already that I have been singing all my life.  I finally got back in the studio last night and this is me with my producer and good friend Shy.

Jacket & Jeans: Forever21/ Scarf: H&M/ Boots: Mandee/ Bag: C/O F&WStyle

Yesterday's casual Fall outfit!  Felt good to wear flats. Wish I had time to take more photos for a full outfit post. 

I'm doing a contest just for my instagram followers that actually ends tonight.  They had to upload photos of their outfits that were inspired by me or looks of mine that they recreated and tag it to #natyinspired.  These were just a few that I shared with my followers.  How amazing?!

Spike Cuff: C/O Lov3BugJwlz / Rings: C/O KokoroDesign

Another look at my new accessories! 

The goodies that the winner of my instagram contest will be getting!  
I went to H&M and picked up my favorite necklace and ring that I wear all the time, the bun maker that I use to do my buns, a cute & colorful makeup travel bag, citrus passion body spray and Essie As Gold As It Gets nail polish. 

Dress: Keepsake/ Shoes: C/O Bakers

This is what I wore last weekend to celebrate my friend's birthday :) 

Wearing one of my favorite shades for Fall, MAC Ruby Woo <3 

Jacket: Forever21 / Top: Siwy / Leggings & Bag: H&M / Boots: Mandee 

Wore this when I worked with another client to do closet cleaning and shopping.  Very casual and comfy!

I mentioned awhile back that I did a photo shoot and I finally got the pics. This was my favorite one.  I've done a lot of modeling, especially when I was doing my music more frequently, and my favorite shoots besides fashion editorial have always been the super creative and artsy ones.  I absolutely love to transform!  

Please follow me on instagram: @natybaby if you aren't already.  I just hit over 20,000 followers! 

What are your Halloween plans?  I have no idea if I am even taking part in it this year :(  I have so much going on that I haven't even been able to focus on a costume.  I am still trying to plan my birthday which is 2 weeks away and I also have another wedding and event coming up. So just in case I don't dress up this year, I am going to share with you my costume that I made in 2010! 

I was the twitter bird!
By the end of the night that "what's happening" board was filled up with some really funny things lol

Have an amazing weekend! 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Camo Love

Military inspired pieces are such a big trend this season and it's one that I absolutely love!  I've mentioned before that I have been searching high and low for the perfect camo jacket and finally found one courtesy of SXVintage.  All of the army jackets they sell were donated by military personnel and half the sales are donated to helping soup kitchens and veterans in their area. 
This jacket is so versatile and can be styled in many different ways.  I know that it's not for everyone, but it's for me! This is just the first way that I will be wearing it this Fall.  

Camo Jacket: C/O SXVintage / Shirt: H&M  /Leggings: Forever21
Booties: Steve Madden / Bag: C/O F&WStyle /Belt: Charlotte Russe 

To me, fashion is all about having a vision and bringing it to life.  It's such a great way to get creative, think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone.  I am realizing lately that not everyone will always see my vision, but in the end as long as I do, that's all that matters.  So this was my vision with the camo trend.  I just wanted to try something different.  This is a great way to turn a masculine piece into something feminine.

I went with simple leggings and a white button down.  Button downs by the way are another great staple piece.  I decided to leave the shirt loose and pair the jacket on top by belting it with one of my favorite belts.  It also adds another color in the mix which I love. As you probably noticed by now I love belting jackets!  I'm excited about this new handbag because I don't have many and this color goes with just about anything.  You must check out all the bags over at F&W Style.  They launched in 2009 and are a luxury handbag brand for the fashionable woman! They have a great collection!

Spike Cuff: C/O Lov3BugJwlz / Heart Rings: C/O KokoroDesign / Bracelets: TheWayWeAre 

I'm loving my new accessories! Spike leather cuffs are perfect for adding some edge to your outfit.  You can get them from Lov3BugJwlz along with other cute pieces! And how adorable are these heart rings?!  You can get yours from KokoroDesign.  She has other ones too!

How's this Fall season treating you all so far? November is going to be super busy for me!  Have an amazing day loves.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Beat Breast Cancer

Today's post is a very special one and a cause that I hold close to my heart.  As most of you know by now, I lost my father to cancer in August 2010.  It's something that I will never fully recover from.  I know how difficult and heart breaking it is to see a loved one be so sick and fight for their life every day.  It truly humbles you and changes your life.  Until you experience that, you can never know how deep the pain goes.  Cancer is something that actually runs in my family.  My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and thankfully she got through that.  My other grandmother who I never got the chance to meet also passed away from cancer.  And there have a been a few other instances with other family members. 

One of my followers sent me an email and explained that her family was going through a very devastating time.  Her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and was recently given 2 months to live.  She is under hospice care right now and her family is trying to collect funds to take care of all necessary expenses so they made these shirts so that people could give donations.  She asked if I could wear them and do a post in honor of Breast Cancer for her aunt and to bring awareness so of course without hesitation I said yes.  October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month as you all know, so this was such a perfect time to do this.  The more of a following that I get, the more I realize I am able to help make a difference.

Shirts: American Genre 

If you would like to support this cause, each shirt is $20 and can be purchased on American Genre. The proceeds go directly to the Marti Family.  If you don't want a shirt but would like to make a small donation, you can send it to the PayPal email

My love and prayers go out to Gladys Marti and her family during this difficult time.

Friday, October 19, 2012



Haha yes, that is what my tank says! Some of you will instantly know where that line is from and some of you are probably like wait, what? 
Kanye West said it in one of his songs about these two fashion icons!  As soon as I saw this shirt, I knew that I had to have it.  I love the Olsen twins!  They're definitely trendsetters.

Graphic Tank: C/O Product of Privilege
Blazer: Zara
Leggings: H&M 
Shoes: C/O Bakers (Here

I'm all about versatility, especially when it comes to the pieces that I wear.  Graphic Tees are just one of those items that you can dress up or down for different occasions and they instantly grab people's attention.  When Marshall from Product Of Privilege reached out to me for a collaboration, I was really excited to style one of his shirts and saw it as a challenge to get a little creative.  This LA based women's t-shirt line was "born from the desire of wanting to be comfortable but still stylish."  That's every girl's wish! Make sure to check out the rest of his collection and from now till October 26th you get 20% off everything with the code Naty123 :)

To throw in a pop of color I went with my all time favorite yellow blazer.  I love pairing graphic tees like this.  I decided to add in one of this season's hottest trends by wearing these faux leather leggings.  To give the outfit a little more of a dressed up vibe, I went with these all black suede and shiny patent cap toe heels from Bakers.  I like the contrast of the different textures. Cap toe shoes are another big trend right now!  They're literally everywhere.

My accessories are gold as per usual.  I've been wearing this chain necklace from H&M a lot again lately.  I've got MAC Pink Poodle on my lips and wearing my favorite H&M sunnies!
Do you love the Olsen Twins as much as I do?  How would you style a Product Of Privilege Tee? 

Happy Friday my loves! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Pop Of Print

I am so in love with this gorgeous Fall weather that we have been getting over here lately.  This is my favorite time of year filled with pumpkin spice lattes, upcoming holidays and my birthday, which is in 3 weeks!  I haven't had much time to go shopping for myself lately, so like I always mention in my posts I have been trying to get creative with new ways to wear older pieces.  My love for this safari vest runs deep because of it's versatility, so for me this is such a staple piece this Fall! 

Sweater Dress: H&M 
Safari Vest: Old Navy 
Belt: Forever21
Scarf: Gifted
Boots: ShoeDazzle
Sunnies: Ray-Ban 

I got this sweater dress last year and only wore it once and in a completely different way.  It's kind of long so I actually pinned it under to make it shorter.  I've been envisioning this outfit for awhile now and finally got around to wearing it.  I just really like the way it looks layered with the vest and heart belt.  It's perfect for this weather and looks super stylish too.  

 Bag: Juicy Couture

To throw in a pop of print I went with this scarf that I got last year as a gift from one of my friends.  I think that it's from Mandee.  Printed scarves are a great accessory for this season and a perfect way to bring your outfit together.  I went with these knee high boots and my Juicy Couture handbag that I completely forgot I had!  I got this a few years back and it was hiding in my closet.  I also recently found my Ray-Bans that I lost for awhile.  Yay! 

Gold Chain Slave Bracelet & Earrings: C/O Brielle Belle

I am loving my new accessories today courtesy of Brielle Belle!  How cute is this chain slave bracelet?  I picked it because I have nothing like this in my jewelry collection.  She's super sweet and also included these gold tube triangle earrings.  I was saying to myself the other day that I needed to get some new earrings, so I am really happy about these!   She also makes and sells head chains, ear cuffs and more so make sure to check out her shop and enter code Naty10 to receive 10% off your oder! 

I saw a comment on the internet the other day and it said something along the lines of wearing black and tan or brown together is a fashion don't.  Well as you can clearly see in today's outfit post, I highly disagree.  There's no rules.  It's all a matter of opinion.  Wear what you like and do it confidently.  We all have our own styles and that is the beauty of fashion!