Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Tackle The Wedding Season

Hi loves!  Today's post is a little different, but something that I found helpful and wanted to share.  I have two weddings coming up this fall and I'm on the hunt for the perfect dresses!  Check out this article & the link provided... it has some good ideas.  I hope it's helpful to you too and you might just find something you like!

All girls know what spring means – the second the sunshine starts to filter through the clouds, and the shrubs begin to bud, the wedding invitations aren’t far behind. From April through to the end of September, every sunny Saturday is a flurry of taffeta and speeches. From your mid-twenties to mid-thirties it’s a blur of confetti, uncomfortable pews and dancing with your best friend’s extended family to Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ Come on Eileen.
For a wedding guest, it’s not just the big day that requires preparation. The engagement requires a card, the wedding invite an RSVP and of course there’s the gift list to look through to decide on that perfect present. If you’re going to more than one wedding this season, it can feel like a full-time job.
Most importantly, there’s the debate on what to wear. Recycling dresses can be difficult, particularly if you’re attending weddings with a similar crowd each time. Lots of photos of you in the same dress at different events will inevitably equal a raft of comments regarding your ‘love’ of a particular outfit. With the wedding gifts, fake tans and transport to and from whatever stately pile your friends have chosen for the big day, a new outfit for each occasion can push you over budget. So, what should you do?
Sometimes swapping with friends isn’t an option, so you should consider investing in something mid-priced, like a dress from the Oasis clothes collection, and use the rest of your budget to get some fabulous accessories that will transform the dress each time you wear it. If you’re crafty, you can get a plain dress and add decorations like beads or a large floral brooch to subtly change up the look – a large, chunky belt can alter the shape and style of a dress more drastically than you may think.
Finally, some designers do offer a rental service, so if you’re looking for something truly unique, this might be an option. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence – even though most people’s attention will probably be on the bride, you still have every right to look fabulous!

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