Monday, June 4, 2012


Happy 6 month anniversary to my blog!! It all started back on December 4th of me taking photos of myself in the mirror and now it's developed and gotten so much better... I am so proud and so appreciative for all of you who follow me and comment on my posts.  Your kind words mean a lot!

It's time for my 2nd Contest Give Away and I am so excited about this one! I teamed up with Drea from Fancy Made to give the winner of this contest 2 great pieces that you can add to your arm candy collection!  Make sure to click that link and check out her Etsy store for her other items in case you want to purchase one! I love them all!


1. You have to be one of my blog followers, so if you aren't yet, make sure to click on JOIN at the bottom!
2. I want to see your arm party members!  So take a photo of yours and email it to ALOVEAFFAIRWITHFASHION@GMAIL.COM along with your name, location, and why you put those pieces together. (See above photo as example)
3. Also include your blog link, instagram or any social site that you want to be followed on.
4. The most creative entry will win! 
5.  You have from today through Sunday to send me your photos.  The winner will be announced on Monday June 11th! 


AND an unreleased new piece from her upcoming collection!!  
The winner will be announced here on my blog as well as my instagram, so make sure you include your IG username if you have it so I can shout you out! 

Speaking of instagram, make sure to follow Drea!  Her username is fancymade.  You can check out some of her amazing work on there!  She's very talented and features a lot of DIY projects.  Also follow me too!  My username on there is natybaby :) 

I am really looking forward to seeing your entries so please make sure to enter!! 


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