Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pink & Yellow

I'm back with today's outfit!  It's supposed to be beautiful weather all week but extremely hot in the high 90s.  I might hide at home in the AC all day! :)  I'm wearing one of the tops from my recent haul video.  It's very summery. Hope you like! 

Top: Forever21
Pants: Love Culture
Shoes: Fusion (Mandee)
Bag: H&M 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Lipstick: MAC Sweetie 

I can't let go of my floral obsession.  I've tried, I really have but I just can't help it.  I've never been so into florals until this past season.  So of course I was very drawn to this top.  I also love yellow and pink together.  So the front is floral and the back is yellow with open slits at the top and the whole thing is sheer.  These tops are so light weight and great for warmer weather. 

I decided to pair this with my white skinny pants so the colors could really stand out.  I'm so happy I found these and they were only $20!  I have on my mustard yellow peep toe platforms and I think they go perfectly.  If I had pink shoes I probably would have worn those instead. 

My accessories are this gold & neon pink chain necklace from H&M, F21 gold bangles & white bracelet and this H&M shoulder bag.  I've been getting so many girls asking me about my high bun so make sure to check out my youtube channel, the link to follow is at the bottom of my blog.  I have a tutorial for it on there!  I don't do the sock bun or donut so make sure you watch it!

One last thing, I'm doing a contest giveaway for my instagram followers.  I am at over 7k and wanted to do a thank you for them, so if you want to enter make sure to follow me on instagram! Username is natybaby and there's also a link at the bottom to follow me there.

Have a lovely night!


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